Inspiration- In this fast moving world, people all around just work tirelessly, never thinking of their mental health. We wanted to bring about a change in that trend.

What it does- Finds specific speech patterns related to how a person is feeling on talking about a particular topic and relays it to the program which allocates the appropriate feeling..

How I built it- Using Amazon's Alexa Skills platform, created intents and responses after a thorough research regarding the idea.

Challenges I ran into- We had never in the past undertaken a project of this magnitude. At first, it seemed a small but a brilliant idea but slowly, with research we understood how much more it was. And after compiling a lot of data and some more, we were finally able to build the platform.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- We could find a skill that could successfully help people with their stress in these difficult times.

What I learned- More about Ui, Ux and Amazon Alexa Skills

What's next for Hey Buddy, Your Not Alone- We plan to further make this better by including a skill that could suggest people the types of clothes and food that they should buy that would complement their personality and also make them feel happy and loved.

Built With

  • amazon-alexa-skills
  • ui
  • ux
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