We've all dream of the smart, virtual assistant who can take care of our daily chores that distract you from doing the things that are important to you.


Hey Anna learns from your smart home devices, anticipates your needs and connects you with services providers who can take care of your chores. It schedules a laundry pickup when your laundry is full, it orders groceries when your fridge is empty and books a holiday when you need it.


Connects to laundry sensor, Fitbit and Lifx lights via their APIs (can be extended to Nest, GM appliances etc). It applies algorithms to anticipate what you would needs and sends you notifications. You can interact with it via voice control to take actions with service providers, eg laundry API and travel API.

Business Model

Two-sided market place model

Target customers

Consumers busy executives, busy parents and people with disabilities who want a better way to manage their lives. Service providers consumer-facing businesses who want a new and better way to connect with their customers

Revenue model

Charging commissions to service providers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First Android app I built!

What's next for Hey Anna

Get funded to capitalize on the opportunity to build the next generation market place for the IoT age.

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