💡 Inspiration

Because of the special situation around the globe, my younger sister Alice doesn't need to go to school everyday. She only has to go to school bi-weekly which means that she can annoy me to teach her how to code. I love teaching but also wants to teach her that she can excel in coding with minimal guidance.

🤔 What it does

This is a web platform where I suggest projects to my sister and people who are beginning to code. Usually,

🧰 How I built it

I build the website with Vanilla Javascript and nodejs. I utilized pug and scss to make my code reusable and readable.

  • HTML + CSS + JS (the usual)
  • Figma: Front-end prototypes and design
  • Domain: domain
  • mongodb: database
  • google cloud: for deployment of web application (if you cannot connect to the site, it means that I failed)

🤓 Challenges I ran into

It was hard to plan from scratch and building what I wanted to build. Debugging video uploads were challenging because at some point in time, I continued on with coding (hoping that I can fix it after) before testing if my lines of code actually worked. Also, I faced trouble when trying to deploy it to google cloud. (if you cannot connect to the site, it means that I failed...)

🤩 Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first time I created a web application from the bottom up. Using Figma, I was able to create a logo and a prototype. Also, making a useful application that my sister will actually use is really meaningful to me.

👾 What I learned

It took me quite a while to finish the project because of the prototyping stage. However, I realized that doing a long-time commitment projects are

❤️ What's next for 'Hey Alice, do some coding'

The next step for me is to upload tutorials and resources that are helpful to beginners. Also, I want to add platform features that help people learn coding.

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