Hi ! We are Hexlibrium !

NFT's and Blockchains have been a all over the internet in the form of art, games and others, but we believe there's still a next step to be reached, and we've come to take that leap. Hexilibrium is our take in what this next step is, turning the idea of playing a video game from just being fun to being a fun and a efficient learning mechanism, and to do that we've united ancient studies with modern technology, mixing I-Ching with the most recent block chain techs into something completely new. Our main goal is to deliver a product that teaches, through resource management and exploration, financial literacy to player. To accomplish that goal we've divided our world in 3 parts, terrains, planets and dimensions, at the beginning, each player will receive a dimension and planet slots, by playing the battle against the ancient beings, the player will receive 1 of 64 terrains according to the outcome of the match. Terrains can be joined to form planets that can be explored and mined which will give the player resources to play the terrain generating game more often, and then gaining more terrain which can be traded with other players at will. Once a player fills all of the planets on it's dimension he will be able to travel to other dimensions and meet other players, where they can trade, market, fight and explore the other terrains as they like. We aim to rescue that what was lost a long time ago which are the studies of the sacred geometry in a way that will bring value to the players lifes.


Inspired in the oldest book of the human kind to bridge human design mindset with robot technologies tools. It is a initiative to teach financial literacy by connecting education with blockchain in a coherent universe. It is made to incentive a deep look in the very roots of the human mind through of symbols and archetypes .

What it does

It provides a systemic game experience based on the math of the sacred geometry to the players develop strategic skills to balance between: cooperation and competition; collect resources and build new technologies; travel between dimensions and meet compatible players.

How we built it

It is buided in three layers: The first is all about people, where we can get unique NFT personalized profile and use as a medal to connect with our avatar robot; The second one is all about to explore new words with our avatar to collect resources and build technologies; The third is about to travel between dimensions to meet compatible players.

We are building by translating the algorithms of the I-ching and representing in a sacred geometry universe using the synergetics and tensegrity laws

Challenges we ran into

Get geolocation and temperature data from Google API and give birth to unique NFT that inherent especificly characteristic from the local where they born. And Give random Chainlink number to play with the oldest oracle from the human kind, the I-ching.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

So far it is a three years work compiling ancient teaching and translating into modern technologies where the game can help the player become familiar with few aspects of the mind thought a challenge to follow a magic being and teach their robots to up skill their consciousnesses thought a blockly code interface.

What we learned

We learned to create unique NFT players profiles that provide a personalized experience in the game that guides the player in a journey to meet compatible people.

What's next for Hexlibrium

Help to the community to provide more meaningful games to this new generation of play to earn technologies.

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