The very foundation of this game is based on humanity's oldest book to bring back the connection between modern science and ancient teachings, through the interactions of magic and mathematics. It is a journey into synergistic scenarios that describe the world of quantum physics using geometries with tensegrity laws. The journey itself is to provide a gaming experience for people to learn strategy through challenges that aims to develop programming skills in which players need to build technology to mine cryptocurrency, generate energy and build infrastructure using robots like tools to help them create new, sustainable, life-supporting planets. The whole story is based on the experience of traveling between dimensions to meet new people and learn new skills that involve the context of colonizing new planets.

What it does

It is a synergy-based open world that aims to create collaboration between players through matching profiles; teaching code as players create new worlds and creating NFT-based tokens that can be used as a social good. The game exists against a backdrop of colonization of new planets in which players are challenged to learn new skills related to the challenges of building technology to create planets that are sustainable for life. For this, players need to instruct robots to build infrastructure and follow the advice of a small mystic animal that helps them find the correct path. The game is designed to bridge the gap between the scientific approach common in modern schools and the traditional holistic teachings of ancient schools, in which we use a systems approach to work the logical and intuitive aspects of the player through the connection between technology and the arts. using the algorithm from mankind's oldest book, the I-ching.

How we built it

The game is built in JavaScript language using the three.js library as a core for rendering webGL technology and blockchain technology to build the game design mechanics. The technology is being prepared to enter the metaverse environment and its objective is to combine a set of systemic game theories to improve the engagement and the learning process. The entire design is based on the combination of data visualization technology with the use of D3.js, machine learning technologies with ensorflow and blockchaing technologies involving web3, solidity and now the cosmos framework. The challenge is to create a set of NFT`s characters to support the bussiness plan.

Challenges we ran into

The challenge is to design a cosmos blockchain architecture to envolve the game mechanics into a set of transactions in which we can create a set of NFTs contracts connected with the player hologenetic profile; robots and the resources also the bussiness strategy to rewarding the players to approve the transactions. For that the game is already able to connect with a digital wallet, minting some NFTs contracts and request the purchase of an contract on a test network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We already builded a 3D gaming platform, using webGL technologies to render the app, NFT`s blockchain contracts

What we learned

Using webGL technology to build an amazing gaming experience, also creating, deploying and migrating a set of contracts to some test networks on the blockchain.

What's next for hexlibrium

Find a partner who can take the exlibrium project to a new stage of an impact edTech.

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