MLH 'I demo'd' tessalating hexagonal stickers and the unfortunate incident in which one of our team members lost all of his. A resulting desire to digitize them.

What it does

Hosts digital versions of these stickers on a blockchain accessible via something like a web service (which we also created for demo purposes using Wix and Wixcode), and also by command line.

How we built it

Front End: Wix, WixCode, Javascript, JSON, CBOR

Back End: Blockchain, Multichain API, Python

Challenges we ran into

Submitting this form

Azure connection issues

WixCode version control

Integrating a complex custom API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building aesthetic front end in 24 hours

Finding a novel blockchain use case and implementing it

Writing bots that abstract the complexity of the blockchain for end users through Wix

What we learned

Multichain API



Sleep scheduling

What's next for HexLedger

Pitching this concept to MLH, turning over an admin key for the blockchain, and seeing our concept implemented at future hackathons.

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