You play as a specific type of hacker called a Conductor, who uses music as network interference to gain access to the deep parts of “The Net” - the global personal internet service, where people can hide their deepest secrets. You are infiltrating the IP (or Internal Persona) address of Rah Wagner, the creator of “The Net”, in order to shut down the servers and bring its users back to the real world, back to real life.

What's unique

Hexadecimator is a hacker-centric techno-fused visual spectacular. The scenery rocks to the pumping soundtrack, the glow of the environment stuns and leaves you in awe as you continue to fight for your life. Your heart will be pounding as you race from protection of one wall to another, fighting off Flits and dodging a literal firewall in order to make it to the next sector, past the bosses and eventually fight the ultimate network guardian - The Overseer.


Players will need to raise hexagonal walls to protect yourself from the constant barrage of firewall blasts on the seemingly endless road to the Overseer. You move from wall to raised wall by looking at and tapping on holographic markers and can peek around the walls to see your progress and how close the wall of flames is to you. Programs called Flits (Fully Linked Interfaced Trojan Security) will jettison out of the side of the road you're on and try to drop your walls, leaving you exposed. You can focus on them and grab them with a direct viral link and then throw them down into the abyss to destroy them. There are bosses in each sector and you get access to a turret to destroy them (attack their weak points for massive damage!).


Use your gaze to target your next movement point or tap and hold to raise a highlighted hexagonal wall. Flits will try to lower your walls - target them with a tap and flick downwards to launch them into the Abyss. Turrets can be aimed by sight and you can hold on the touchpad to unleash a barrage of viral bullets on those bosses!


Music in Hexadecimator is an integral part of the experience. The environment reacts to your presence by pulsing and vibrating around you; glowing accents can be seen all around, including the sky. A pounding track plays as you fight your way to the Overseer and drives the experience and tense gameplay.

Game content

Plan on having gameplay up to the first boss!

Built With

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