What it does

Hexa Survivor is a minimalistic yet highly addictive hyper casual experience; tap left or right to avoid touching the hexagons and perform successful escapes! The more you evade, the higher score you will achieve. We start with a simple tutorial to help you get used how to rotate your circular character, so you can learn how to play it.


‘Hexa Survivor’ is powered with Kin. Kin is your new digital currency that you can spend and earn in the game by playing and scoring as high as possible. Compete with friends, family and the top players with the highest scores and beat their high score!

Moreover, it comes with a simple one-touch one tap controlling mechanic. Optimised for tablets and large screens.

It is the perfect challenge for a short period to refresh your brain. You can play this game at any time at any place like on the bus, at school or in the office or whenever you have some free time!

No internet? No problem. Hexa Survivor delivers an offline experience as well, and features a Leader board so you can compete with your friends online and beat their high score.

How we built it

Kin’s aim is to give game developers a unique way to monetize their apps in ways that enhance, not interrupt, the user experience. Kin provides the best solution for Unity developers. However, Kin needed to ensure that its specific needs are addresseding their pain points. The companies collaborated to remove barriers. Following are the building blocks of Kin SDK plugin: · Used Kin Name-Space in project · Added Block-chain Listeners provided in the SDK · Created Instances for Client and Account · Created an Account · On-boarded the Account with Kin Server and Funded the Account · Handled Transactions · Sent Transactions to Server for playing the game · Implemented event listeners on the block-chain · Converted the project to 64 bit · Built the APK for testing on Mobile · Built the .AAB for uploading to Google Play Store

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge faced was shortage of time for such a grand project. But all challenges were accepted wholeheartedly. The main challenge was to implement it in a seamless way so that the gamers experience is kept abstracted from the Kin Mechanics and feel like every other game.

What we learned

Implementing Kin itself was a huge learning curve for our skills. It gives us a chance to experience making a server for the game and learned how the client side communicates with the created server and the created server authenticates the signatures provided by the client transactions and then sends back and forth to the Blockchain server.

Build with

The project is built using Unity Engine which provides all the development tools for implementing Kin. Moreover Kin, as stated before, is officially partnering with Unity Technologies which gives Unity Developers a headstart, and the flawless active communities and support gave the opportunity to everyone to try the Kin provoking milestones for themselves.

More information

Kin’s foundation is playing a key role in delivering crypto currency to users with the help of communities like Unity Technologies which is collaborating with Kin. This process has become achievable. Kin lets you reward users in ways that matter to them - improving long-term engagement and retention. For players, it enables earning and spending of kin in games, participation in challenges like competing high-scores and keeping track of Kin balances.

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