Our inspiration on the HETAVED COVID-19 RESPONSE RESOURCE ACTIVATION TEAM, is on the need to join the global bodies and people to combat and eradicate the ravaging CORONAVIRUS Pandemic. We thought and felt an urgent need to join forces and resources with the leaders, organizations and citizens our our world towards the health and well-being of the society and people. To this cause, we have decided to volunteer our time, resources and energy as part of the global community of responsible and creative team.

What it does-

The concept is planned and designed to carry out the following activities as: 1- Recruiting and training of committed team of volunteers 2- Taking action by educating the populace both online and offline on the COVID-19 Pandemic-causes and preventive measures as well as on how to make hand sanitizers from homes. 3- Innovating and designing of solutions to practically tackle the global pandemic. On this, we have designed and innovated on three solutions which are: A- The HETAVED ALKALINE SPRAY - Formulated from organic substrates with a pH of above 10 and acting as Environmental Antacid, Antivirus and Antibacterial . B-The OBIQUE X CARE Supplement , also formulate from non toxic organic substrates and acts to inhibits the growth and development of the Viruses from the human body when consumed by infected persons. These two products were developed by our medical experts as team members based on the medical fact that: " When the Human Body or Environment is ACIDIC, Diseases strives and Survives, but when the Human body or Environment is ALKALINE, not one Disease including COVID-19 , Cancer or any infection could strive and survive C- The HETAVED HAND SANITIZERS formulated according WHO standard formula for free distribution to the less privileged and vulnerable members of the society.

How we built it-

Our team of medical , scientists, social entrepreneurs and other professionals and volunteers were carefully selected, trained and empowered to take action based on the rule of social distancing and taking every preventive measures. We have groups of professionals and volunteers divided into : A- Researchers and social workers B- Medical and Scientist C-Products designers and Innovators Though these groups, we were able to generate ideas and resources to reach out and mobilize the people for sensitization and training campaigns as well as products formulations by the medical, scientific and innovators team members. Still, using the instruments of public and private partnership, we mobilized and partnered with various federal , state ministries and departments, Civil Societies/NGOs, Private sector, the Academia and all stakeholders to form an all inclusive squad and frontier against the COVID-19 pandemic. Our approach is both holistic, social with practical products and innovations towards total eradication of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have trained volunteers who are working to inform and empower the rural population and citizens as well as practical products and innovations to prevent and eradicate the CORONAVIRUS Pandemic today.
Again, kindly refer to our program and approach at: or

Challenges we ran into--

We have some challenges such as: 1- The problem of communicating with some local communities due to lack of education was generally overcome through the use of interpreters 2- There is also the challenge of lack of steady power supply to run our online training and campaign sessions especially during the lock-down period. 3- The challenge of inadequate funding to scale up the programs as well as products like HETAVED SANITIZERS, HETAVED ALKALINE SPRAY etc to meet up with the high demands among the less privileged and vulnerable people.

Accomplishments that we're proud of-

First, we have received the Patent Certification of our organic substrate for the designing and formulation of our innovative products- HETAVED ALKALINE SPRAY AND OBIQUE X CARE Solutions against COVID-19 viruses. Secondly, we have reached out and impacted over 5000 persons through our online and offline campiagns and holistic approaches.
Today, our initiative, activities and innovations have been well accepted, selected and being recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria as one of the unique approach to be sent out of Nigeria for scaling to other countries in the efforts to eradicating COVID-19 from the world. Previously, our team have been endorsed as Meaningful Business 100 Innovators for the SDGs and 2030 Agenda at:

What we learned

Our main lessons so far include: 1- When people are well informed, mobilized and trained, corporate action could generate speed of achievements 2- With proper and coordinated efforts, the dreaded COVID-19 was now seen as a surmountable challenge 3- Through our personal commitments, resources well mobilized from among us to kick start the project with very great success so far 4- We also learnt to look inward for resources and man power to design and formulate our innovations from organic wastes to handle the global pandemic and save our people and planet earth.


Our team is now set for the next stage of scaling up to the wider society in Nigeria, Africa and the global. Our products and programs are ready for partnership towards eradication of COVID-19 PANDEMIC We need Partners and investors to develop a full fledged organic wastes to health and wealth hub around the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. With this, we are sure of mass production and scaling of our campaigns, programs and innovations to much more people and places across Nigeria, Africa and Global.

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The HETAVED COVID-19 RESPONSE AND RESCUE Team is now set building the momentum through the online campaigns on social medial and from our blog. Members are actively involved sharing across all states in Nigeria. Today, under special humanitarian services, our team moved some trucks of the OBIQUE X CARE supplement to some selected health centers as for recommendation and care to those who might be sick and admitted Let keep the momentum high to ensure that our world is rescued from this pandemic. More resources are available at

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Respiratory Hygiene

  1. Covered your mouth and nose with tissues while coughing or sneezing and dispose the tissues immediately.
  2. If no tissues,cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve.
  3. Cough or sneeze inside your shirt or blouse.
  4. Wash or senitize your hand immediately after cough ir sneezing. Don't! Don't cough or sneeze into the Air Don't cough or sneeze into your hand.we may know all this but what about our remote area let educate them about hygiene

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