What is Hestia?

Hestia is a digital home assistant, which can respond to human voice commands, and it is capable of monitoring multiple items at once.

Materials used:


-Raspberry Pi 3

-USB Microphone


-Power relay

-A light

Software: -Google Translate API

-Google Assistant SDK

-Control center code (Python)

What Makes Hestia Special?

-Quick upgrades to home automation with minimum cost (i.e control your existing appliances)

-Easy translation into different languages. (can be used by Customs officer)

-Small size (credit card size) to bring with you with a USB battery

-Open source Linux community support (there are lots of useful tools available)

-Expandable hardware (camera, display, sensors, 4 USB ports)

-Very cheap!!

Future Goals

-Camera: to take in visual user input, such as motions, mood, etc.

-Display: to visually display more information, allowing for easier interaction

-Sensors: to provide more input and to allow for more functions (i.e. a motion sensor for house security)

Automatic sprinkler system

Use temperature and humid sensor to decide when to turn on the sprinkler system, and stop it automatically when humid level reaches the target. This will be more beneficial to the grass based on real requirement instead of timer. It will help the environment and save water.

Improve Home Security

Use voice to call 911 if someone breaks into your house. Security cameras can take a live feed and send it directly to police or emergency contacts to show them exactly what’s going on.

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