We were first inspired by how all social aspects of a person who lives in Berlin are so well-represented in the campaigns from the BVG app, nonetheless we feel there is a social component missing on the way the apps and planner work. The positive and close-to-the-user message from the brand clashes with a too technical and complex application, so we want to find a more friendly way to plan how we go meet our friends at our favourite events.

What it does

Herzi is a chatbot that talks to you when you have a confirmed event coming up, and gives you updated public transport information on how to get there. All of this without requiring any input: it knows where you are, it knows where you said you'd go, so it suggests the best way.

How we built it

We used to build the intelligence for the bot, and connected the BVG API, to the Facebook API, weather services and added some nice graphics.

Challenges we ran into

Facebook Messenger Bots are still quite limited in their information display, so building the right way of showing your public transport directions was quite the challenge. We also wanted Herzi to be aligned to the BVG speech and personality on their campaigns so we created the character with a personality and we even made him dance!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In very little time we created a product that works and has never been done. Its something that all of us would use on our every day lives and we think people will love it!

What we learned

A lot of how a bot works and how a simple AI project can be built. We learned about integrating complex data with a conversational interface and some UI elements, and how it can make a great experience.

What's next for Herzi

We feel it can be a great touch point between BVG users and the company, providing support, quicker information, releasing pressure on customer support, and bringing them closer to all innovations the company comes up with.

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