What problem does HeroVoucher solve?

HeroVoucher makes it possible for businesses all over the world to sell prepaid vouchers in a simple and convenient way - without any technical knowledge or skills in web/e-commerce. This will help the many businesses that are forced to lockdown here during the COVID-19 outbreak by increasing their liquidity/cash flow and making them more resilient to bankruptcy.

How does HeroVoucher solve this problem?

HeroVoucher is a web-application that will enable businesses to sell vouchers in an easy and convenient way without any difficult implementation. Within just a few minutes the businesses can start increasing the turnover and they can continue doing this even when the crisis is over.

What we have done during the weekend?

During this weekend we have:

How does HeroVoucher impact the crisis?

HeroVoucher will enable businesses to keep the current turnover and possibly increase it. After the crisis is over the businesses will keep the option to sell these prepaid vouchers. This will help them to regain their position in the market.

Since HeroVoucher is extremely easy to scale, we expect, with the right partnerships, to be able to reach most of the world within 2020.

What is needed to continue the project?

After the hackathon we hope to be able to continue developing the solution. We have a long list of features that we should like to implement in the web application such as:

  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Custom landing pages for the shops and custom domains for branding
  • Supporting vouchers for products and not only amounts as it is now
  • Support for giving the voucher to another person as a gift
  • Adding more payment methods on top of Stripe
  • And many other minor improvements

The plan that we hope to be able to execute after the hackathon consist of the following elements:

  • Present the solution to a range of potential customers getting their feedback
  • Establish partnerships with governments, municipalities, trade associations etc. enabling us to reach a large amount of businesses in a short period of time
  • Define pricing
  • Consider legal aspects and defining proper terms of usage. What happens to a voucher if the shop should happen to go bankrupt before the voucher has been redeemed fx.

What is the value of HeroVoucher after the crisis is over?

Even though HeroVoucher was born out of the COVID-19 crisis and HeroVoucher will make the businesses more resilient, the real value of HeroVoucher lies in the future since HeroVoucher will help increase the turnover and market share of the businesses. The end of the crisis doesn’t change/decrease the need for selling prepaid vouchers for your clients.

Core strengths and USPs for HeroVoucher:

  • The businesses will get the money for the voucher straight away and thus increasing their liquidity
  • Easy to implement and no technical knowledge needed
  • Easy to scale to the entire world
  • Simple for the end user to understand and use
  • Concept not seen before
  • Stripe, which we currently use for payments is available in 37 countries (see https://stripe.com/global)

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