Heroes are members of the diaspora who work in the ICT sector and are conscious of the brain drain issues.

Side kicks are ICT students in developing economies


  • Information Communication and Technology side kicks in developing economies lack access to resources and guidance in their studies
  • The side kicks lack structural access to the internet.
  • Members of the diaspora working in tech gained knowledge abroad but find it difficult to contribute back to their home countries

What it does

Connects heroes and side kicks, and provides heroes with books and other freely available books

How we built it

We interviewed a number of potential heroes to identify the core issues the were facing as students in Nigeria. We followed a lean approach to product design to defined the core features that would be required from the program

Challenges we ran into

Identifying the problem, taking into account all parties. Also, finding the incentives for all the parties involved.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The team work, the presentation and the progress we made

What we have learned

Lean design

What's next for herofabric

Getting in touch with partners (universities and ambassies); Developing the program

Built With

  • interviews
  • lean-canvas
  • prototyping
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