We care about the diversity of the marine ecosystem. We believe that conserving and protecting at-risk species from man-made disaster like oil spill should be the top priority of the government and conservation groups.

What it does

Through the web app, we can model oil spill near at-risk habitat and give an estimate the conservation effort required to save the affected species.

How we built it

We source the datasets from NOA agency and import into CartoDB. Then we made a web app using javascript and carto api and google map api.

Challenges we ran into

We have datasets in different formats. We have issues with Mapbox.js and Cartodb.js in creating visualizing layers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We would be able to get a lot of relevant datasets and create intersection between them to figure out interesting insight from the result. We are also able to integrate cartodb and google map and have them work together to show us the effects of oilspill

What we learned

We learned carto, mapbox, javascript

What's next for HeroExpeditionDog

We can sniff out more trouble and save the planet.

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