Matching Volunteers - Organize help: right place and right time

What it does

Volunteers can propose (1) what they want to help with (e.g., shopping aid), (2) when they want to help, and (3) what their range around their home is, (e.g. 5 km). Likewise, help-seekers request what and when they need help for what. The system algorithmically matches the proposals with the requests and notifies both parties via mail.

Key Technical Features: Internationalization support, geocoding, distance-matching, timeline-matching, algorithmic-matching, automatic mailing

How I built it

Java + algomia System

Challenges I ran into

How to create the bloody video! Timely deployment of everything on

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Full I18n support
  • Algorithmic matching
  • Automatic mailing

What I learned

see accomplishments

What's next for Heroes4Corona

Add more languages. Testing. Make it known!

Built With

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