Imagine a reality where both monster and men exist together sometimes in perpetual harmony and sometimes in endless war. This is the world of Heroes Test and it contains the greatest test of them all, the test of survival. There is but one way to be transported to this reality and that is through use of the epson VR glasses.

As a Geeky Teenager I have always loved fantasy and Sci-fi stye games and have always wanted to both play in and create a Augmented World that combines elements of these games reacting with and inter-mingling with our world. Now with Heroes Test I will be able to do both using the tools and technologies that only the Epson VR glasses provide such as the use of a touch control pad to select and cast spells and wield fantastical weapons to defeat both monsters and fellow heroes alike and lightweight VR glasses to change our simple mundane world into a reality where such impossible creatures and deeds do exist.

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