We wanted to try to do something different this year and we decided to try our hand din game development. A Zitec themed card game similar in concept to Hearthstone or Magic - The Gathering could be useful both as a presentation - interactive tool on our website and a fun past time.

What it does

Game where you are pitted against one of Zitec's project in an epic struggle to complete it before your team is burned out.

At the beginning of the game you are presented with a deck composing of 30 game cards, each card being one of the possible three game roles: DEV, QA, Ziboard.

The project consists of a progress bar (going from 0 to 100) and a bug bar (going from 0 to 10). The purpose of the game is to bring the progress bar to 100 while avoiding team-crippling bugs. Each role has the following attribute:

  • DEV - posses Development Power that is used to bring up the progress bar of the project
  • QA - posses Testing power that is used to bring down the bug bar of the project
  • Ziboard - cards that improve the effectiveness of the other cards

Each card has a coffee cost, the resource you consume in order to play cards. At the start of the game you start with 1 coffee point and you receive one each turn to a maximum of 10.

Bugs decrease the effectiveness of the DEV cards. So for instance you have a DEV card with the power of 7 and 4 bugs, that will decrease the power of the DEV card by 4 to a total of 3.

You win the game when the progress bar of the project reaches 100. You lose the game when you run out of cards.

Scores are calculated based on completion rate, number of bugs at the end of the game and number of turns that have passed. High scores are displayed at the end of the game and are stored in a local SQLite DB.

How we built it

Coffee induced programming rage in, PHP, HTML, CSS3 and SQLite.

Challenges we ran into

Using custom webfonts in Phaser. Developing a game. :D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Game mostly functional, card graphics and small Easter eggs (that are up to you to discover), strong team enthusiasm.

What we learned

How to develop a game in HTML5 + JS in just 24 hours.

What's next for Heroes of Codecraft

We have a lot of ideas for the game if we continue it and there is interest for it:

  • introduce the other team roles in Zitec, each with their own mechanics
  • add special events that influence the game progression (e.g.: "Bad release that breaks product - 10 progress point", "Florica buys icecream +5 effectiveness that turn", etc.)
  • animations and better graphics
  • better card balancing, card deck generation algorithms, hand-placed stat values for cards, add seniority notion to existing cards
  • more projects to fight (currently only Paravion is hardcoded in the game) with a complexity value associated for each project that influences the final score
  • better performance etc.

How to use it

The game right now is not very easily used so here are some explanations:

  • You start off the game with 5 random cards
  • Blue cards are devs, green cards and QAs and golden cards are Ziboard
  • Use devs to raise the progress of the project
  • Use QAs to lower the bug count
  • Use the Ziboard cards to buff all the other cards
  • Click on a card to use it
  • You can only use cards for which you have enough coffee points
  • You can use multiple cards per turn as long as you have enough coffee (For instance you have 4 coffee points: you can use 2 cards that cost 2 coffee points)
  • You win the game when the project progress reaches 100
  • Bugs lower the effectiveness of the DEV cards
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