The inspiration for HEROES-19 came from both personal and professional experiences. At a personal level, all of us experienced challenges in finding care providers reliably for various needs of our loved ones. The information about them was not reliable, accurate and objective. At a professional level, having experienced how the healthcare industry deals with data quality, we know the quality of provider information can be significantly improved. Almost all of the digital health platforms, especially patient engagement platforms, struggle with poor data quality, impacting their patient experience. At Constellation4 we set out to build a data platform that powers and scales digital health.

COVID-19 hastened this mission, as we see access to care (especially regular care) is impacted significantly. We would like to enable our true Heroes, the healthcare professionals, to be accessible but ensure that it is done most efficiently and safely. Having accurate data all the time is a key foundation for this access.

What it does

HEROES-19 is a data management platform that is powered by curated data from Constellation4. It also provides the ability for the community to provide and correct information. By enabling the provider to verify, validate as well as opt-in or opt-out, we intend to make this information universally accessible. Additionally, we are aggregating all licensed health professionals information beyond physicians, as COVID-19 is stretching the resources to its limits. We hope that HEROES-19 will become a ready reference directory for people looking trying to connect with health professionals.

How we built it

Constellation4 has been building a data aggregation and management platform for creating accurate and curated provider data. We leveraged it to create HEROES-19 as a platform for universal access.

HEROES-19 uses publicly available data, private data collected by Constellation4 and social-sourcing. HEROES-19 leverages proprietary data aggregation tool built on top AWS capabilities. At its core we use AWS, Amazon Connect, React and related components to power HEROES-19.

Challenges we ran into

Sourcing clean data about licensed professionals is incredibly hard and expensive. Within USA, each state enforces licensing in different ways. Some states provide easy access, some charge for it and many do not make it easy to get this information. Globally, every country has its own processes and systems with varying levels of complexity and access.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

The healthcare landscape is incredibly complex. With our understanding of the complexity of the data, the sources of data and their trust level we can place on this source, we have been able to build models for aggregating, cleansing, labeling and cataloging this information.

With this background, we were able to create the HEROES-19 platform for universal access in short order.

What's next for HEROES-19

Our dream is that we are able to create a place where we can enable access to healthcare professionals easy and efficient. By making the information about them as and accurate as possible without putting the burden on them, we also hope that HEROES-19 becomes a central repository for resources connecting to each other. We will continue to enhance this platform by curating more and more data, and sourcing information from multiple states and countries.

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