HeroUs is focused on the support between citizens creating a responsible and caring social network. It offers a platform where the citizens would support each other while facing an emergency or critical situations. The goal is to create a “pay it forward” concept within an app that would motivate the society to develop in a more caring way while the users play a “challenges game” with each other, but also having as an advantage the benefits that the app would give them.

What it does

The users will connect to the platform by signing in with their personal data that will be validated by a reliable social network (Facebook), offering security to the people that had already signed in. Once the user is registered, he will start receiving missions to benefit the society every week. The mission could be yield to pedestrians, give five bottles of water to immigrants, donations, garbage collection, etc.

With each mission the user can increase his score and after finishing it, he challenges his friends to another mission, creating a “pay it forward” game. By increasing your score, you can increase your game level until you get to to be the Heroe of the Week, which will be shown to all the users of a certain city or region, creating with this a healthy competition.

While the users help the society in general, the app creates a big network of people that could help each other when they’re facing a critical or emergency situation.

The user that is on an emergency situation sends out an alert that will indicate what’s his problem or situation. This alert will be sent to all the users within a diameter from 3 to 5 km and the Heroes will go to help them with the problem they are having.

Once the action is completed, the Heroe that needed help will indicate the Heroe who helped him. Both of them will increase their score and get an honorary mention that will show up in all the users news feed.

The emergencies or critical situations that HeroUs app launches have different priorities that go from low to medium in level of severity, where a person can assist another without being an expert. Whether it is a mechanical breakdown problem, an animal rescue, a robbery, a medical aid, helping out during a traffic accident or any other safety situation, this app will give a way to help.

There are other kinds of alerts. These alerts are made for charity activities such as blood donations, food collections, planting a tree, among others.

Alerts are also received by some specialized enterprises that are able to solve the emergencies, whether mechanics, veterinarians, security companies, charities, paramedics or hospitals. These enterprises can send a notification to the user requesting the aid letting the user know the cost of the service, if the case applies.

If the emergency situation is pretty severe, the app also contains an emergency directory that will display the emergency numbers for the different kinds of ambulances available, police department or fire department, depending of the needs of the emergency. The app will also provide an easy way to call and get the help as soon as possible.

HeroUs will also have a Photogallery where the users will be able to upload photos through their phone’s camera showing their good deeds to other people, so they can be recognized by their good acts with likes and hashtags, they will be even able to share their pics on other social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

How I built it

The app is being developed in xCode for iOS and android-studio for android. The design is being made in Sketch and Photoshop.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges we got so far is the time we have to finish the app, and some other technical things that we will have to do some research to implement them in the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of being able to create a supporting, responsable and caring social network.

What I learned

We've learned to implement the teamwork to solve problems, we also learned how to work under pressure because we all have other responsibilities besides this project.

What's next for Heroes

We are working hard to get Heroes launched soon.

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