Our inspiration is to bring joy to peoples lives. through the creation of a nft collection funding a marketspace and metaverse.

What it does

Our technology will be the first of its kind for a dual launch on SOL and LUNA

How we built it

We are building the first dual mint on both Solana and Terra.

Challenges we ran into

Gathering all the moving pieces on both ecosystems and and putting it together to function as smoothly as a NFT drop should be.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The art we have been able to share and drop with the twitter community and their excitement has charged us up even more.

What we learned

We learned how to effectively delegate and wear the hats that we wear all while sharing the hands that we have to move things along in a unified manner.

What's next for HERO

we will be building out our store front and robo shop to upgrade our avatars. Development of our token to be airdropped to NFT holders and to implement yield bearing NFTs to our ecosystem.

Built With

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