Hi! We're here to introduce you to Hermione, the only live updating forum built specifically for public QandA.

It's no secret that computer science lectures are getting huge. After all, more and more people are learning to code! But all this growth leads to a problem: often, classes are so packed with inquisitive students that a professor is frequently forced to stop lecture and answer people's questions. Of course answering questions is a good thing, because it benefits everyone, not just the person who asked, but sometimes questions are redundant, or even worse, completely off topic.

It was while sitting in such a lecture that I had the idea for Hermione. "There, must be some way to ask the same questions, but without all the redundancy and off topic-ness." And sure enough, there is! The product we have developed is a simple solution to this problem that allows everyone to get their say, while favoring the most urgent questions. Everyone simply logs on to Hermione, and posts their questions, while up voting other relevant ones. The speaker can periodically check which questions are trending and answer them. After a question gets answered, it's tucked away but not forgotten, just in case someone needs it later. It has many advantages over traditional QandA:

-It's anonymous -It's fast -It's easy -It's interactive -It's unobtrusive -It has emma watson's face on it!

In the future, we'd love to expand this project by adding comments, expiring pages, support for side-by-side streaming, questions embedded content, and much more we haven't thought of yet.

The sky's the limit, so raise your hand!

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