I was spending the weekend in a tent in the middle of the mountain and needed to check my Twilio shares, it was the day before the elections and knowing the value of my shares was crucial. To my disgrace I realised I did not have any way to connect to internet. That day I lost trillions. This could've easily been avoided, let us rebuild the future with the technology of the past. ...

Now, in a serious note: There are still plenty of places in the world that do not have internet connections, and sometimes you can't allow yourself to not knowing certain data. As phone signal is present in more places, we thought of a way of using this to enhance the connection capabilities around the world.

What it does

By using SMS messages, you can get real time financial data, check your emails, send emalis and check the weather.

How we built it

Using the Twilio API we created a phone number that when receiving a certain SMS, sends a Post command to a flask (local) server, tunnelled through ngrok. This server then retrieves/sends real time data from various API services. This data provided is then sent back to the original sender via SMS.

Challenges we ran into

utf-8 conversions, python versions, understand each API mechanics....

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with a wide variety of APIs and developing a functional software.

What we learned

Using flask, APIs, webhook and much more.

What's next for Hermes Telecom

Add a variety of new features that can be implemented easily by adding to the already existing code.

NOTE: Our card is the ace of spades.

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