Hermes was the phoenix, rising from the ashes of thousands of confusing, unorganized, group text messages. We sought to reimagine the group message, and create a bot that would be available to serve commands from within the daunting, confusing world of the MMS.

How it works

Hermes was created with Twilio API, and comes in the form of an extra phone number added to the group message. The bot would scan the text, looking for commands to turn in to actions such as googling songs, taking votes, or setting group reminders.

Challenges I ran into

Our localhost server had difficulties conversing with the Twilio API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are incredibly happy with our progress in both front-end and back-end development. We were able to achieve both a responsive UI, and a functional server.

What I learned

Hermes was an invaluable experience for our team. We learned a great deal about the world of APIs, and in particular Twilio. We also gained experience in working with node.js and running databases through MongoDB.

What's next for Hermes

The team at Hermes is satisfied with our progress at HackBCA II. However, we would like to add more features and increase functionality before releasing the service into the world. We hope to see a beta release by Third Quarter 2015. Stay tuned!

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