Our inspiration stems from our common issue with the Google Home’s requirement for internet access and frequent instability. In addition, our team have struggled with finding dependable internet access when in remote locations, such as on vacation with no data, often with unpredictable Wi-Fi access points. As a team we aimed to develop an application to allow users to access valuable information that would only be accessible with a reliable internet service.

What it does

Hermes Intelligence allows users to access GPS navigation, road conditions, traffic conditions and general reminders all via SMS notifications. Often times when individuals make their commute to work, they do not check their favourite maps application to check for potential hazards. Hermes Intelligence acts as a personal assistant that will send you a reminder text at your selected time (e.g. 8:15AM every weekday morning), relieving you from the duty of searching your route manually, and avoiding unexpected delays that would otherwise result in the user being late. Another useful application of our system is to provide directions when internet access is limited, for example, the user would like to visit a certain restaurant for lunch, Hermes Intelligence would provide map directions without the user having to obtain internet access.

How we built it

  1. Front-end was developed by using Android Studio and Java.
  2. Back-End was deployed using Standard Library API in Javascript.
  3. Additional APIs that were used with Standard Library Tasks Wrapper, Here Maps API
  4. Messaging service used: Twilio
  5. Database: MongoDB

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating dynamic tasks using StdLib from JavaScript since it is not openly supported.
  • Google Maps API gave us a problem with a restriction on the number of requests per day so we switched to the Here Maps API which was more consistent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Created a tasks wrapper API on StdLib to be able to create dynamic tasks by finding a workaround in the lib cli source code
  • Sending text messages to the application to control creating, reading, writing, updating and deleting to a MongoDB database using StdLib
  • Built an Android application using Java and XML
  • Graphic design was done entirely in Adobe Photoshop

What we learned

  • How to create APIs using StdLib
  • How to use MongoDB in conjunction with StdLib
  • How to use Twilio
  • Creating a serverless application and supplying a user with 'offline' internet

What's next for Hermes Intelligence

  • Road conditions based on weather
  • Weather conditions
  • General web search
  • News updates
  • Travel information
  • Business and restaurant recommendations

Twitter Posts

Hermes intelligence is an entirely offline (!) reminder system that makes sure you're on time! Using a @twilio SMS, it sets a @StdLibHQ task that triggers before your commute to check traffic with the @here maps API! Ingenious. @QHacks19

— Jacob Lee (@Hacubu) February 3, 2019

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