What it does

Hermes is a mobile app that aims to help those who cannot take care of themselves easily, such as children or alzheimer's patients. Hermes directs users back to their home if they are lost, while notifying their caretakers/guardians that they need help, and also provides extra AR goodies such as contact info from pictures and hidden messages.

How I built it

AR and image recognition implemented using Unity + Vuforia, Twilio to take care of messages, and Tinkercad for 3d models.

Challenges I ran into

Time most of all, since it's a small team of one, going through different AR api's to find one that's easy to use and accomplishes what I wanted took a long time also. There were issues getting location from unity and unusual trouble getting api's to work with my android phone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a large deal of the app finished in one weekend by myself was a great learning experience. I had wanted to see how far I could get trying to make an AR app alone and I feel content that I met the goals that I had set out.

What I learned

It's the small things that can get you in the end.

What's next for Hermes

Getting location fully working and other bugfixes. Implementing features so users can add their own AR content on the fly.

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