As a group, we had no knowledge of each other's existence. We are an example of how COVID has had a serious impact on the communication of fellow students. With this in mind, we created a program that allowed us to meet and interact with students from the same school.

What it does

Hermes allows students to discover and connect with others in the same school whom they have not yet seen/met before. Our website allows students to chat and video call other students. Students can view others' profiles which includes: achievements, class, interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

How we built it

We built it using Weebly to create the website, Megameeting for the video chat feature, and we also coded using Visual Studio (although it wasn't featured).

Challenges we ran into

All of us had no prior knowledge of computer science or coding since we were all majoring in different fields. We had to all start from square one as blind leading the blind. We also couldn't use the javascript made through Visual Studio, so we resorted to using Megameeting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We went from having zero coding knowledge to having some basic skills in coding. We made new friends, collaborated in different ways we didn't think possible and created a video call program through code!

What we learned

We had to learn how to make a website using Weebly, create a video calling program from scratch, and finally embed all of the features onto the website so it would come together and function properly. We also learned how to effectively collaborate with each other and the importance the effect trial and error had on our project.

What's next for Hermes

We hope to create specific class codes for the categorization of students and access to other alumni within their school. We also hope to create a functioning chat feature and rely those messages through notifications.

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