Our team wanted to make a project which was cost-efficient and reliable, while also serving the medical community. That's why we decided to have a system which can assist in medical care not only at hospitals, but also at home. The Hermes Health Care System, aids in the safe, affordable, and swift transition of a patient from the hospital environment to homecare.

What it does

Our system monitors brainwave signals, heartbeats and checks the proximity of patients to ensure safety. The Brainwaves are sensed by the Muse headband and a graph plot is displayed. Heartbeats are sensed by a Heartbeat sensor and any irregularity in readings causes an immediate alert for assistance.The ultrasonic sensor, mounted on a servo motor to rotate and survey the immediate area, helps prevents disillusioned wandering, falls etc. Because of the system's mobility and low-cost, it can be implemented in hospitals and from the safety of a persons home.

How We built it

This project is a system consisting of a Muse headband, arduino micro-controller, ultrasonic sensor & heart beat sensor module(provided by Maxim). Wires were soldered onto the motherboard. The PC is connected to the motherboard through a printer cable.

Challenges We ran into

Our team had a very demanding experience in the making of this project. We had to rush to avail of items like 'The Muse',maxim micro-controllers and development kits, printing cables etc and yet missed out on a Maxim Cortex micro-controller, which forced us to consider alternatives. The Muse gave several difficulties in the Blue-tooth setup and configuration, and we also had trouble getting the heartbeat sensor to plot a graph.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Our team persevered through many trials and tribulations, including many technical difficulties, having to deal with limited amount of hardware it, doing workarounds, coupled with the exhaustion from a 8-hour journey from Canada. Despite all the odds, we had a fruitful hackathon and are quite proud of our final product.

What We learned

We learned that through hard work and perseverance, seemingly impossible goals can be accomplished. Multiple ways to solve a problem always exist, if only one looks in the right place. We also learned about the benefits modular parts can have on our modern world, parts such as our Maxim heart-beat sensors and ultrasonic sensors.

What's next for Hermes

Our team intends to further improve upon our Hermes concept, make it more accessible and easy to replicate for medical facilities. Possible improvements include further calibrating the heart-beat sensor, builiding a smartphone app to facilitate a User Interface for users,more detection methods etc.

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