What it does

Smart helmet with HUD display, cooling, brain fatigue tracking, and bionic bat-like sensing.

How I built it

Started with a bike helmet and added android computer, EEG headset, built projector with HUD display, speakers with stereo bionic hearing. That's all I remember now :)

Challenges I ran into

So many challenges: building the bionic hearing board from a kit was fun but debugging hardware took too much time. The projector was tricky, needed some math on vision and eyes. EEG headset is cool, but the one provided is factory locked so no raw data reading. and so much more :D

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

HUD display is super cool, specially that it runs Android. Bionic hearing is amazing, especially for hearing surroundings and wind. Fatigue detection and warning is so useful.

What I learned

1- Hardware building and debugging 2- Android hacks 3- eye and vision geometry 4- bio-mimicking (bat like hearing to understand surroundings and wind) 5- bionic tech 6- A bit of fashion (function meets form)

What's next for Hermês: a Helmet with Brains

  • Algorithm to detect wind speed and direction from bionic hearing module
  • better helmet exterior design and material
  • Patent + licencing
  • Count money form licencing
  • Retire in a tropical island
  • Learn how to make a virgin Mojito
  • Realize that money can not buy happiness + give all money to charity
  • Come back for 2018 Fashion Hackathon with a new idea :)
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