Security Intelligence data, NFTs and business secrets such as the Coca-Cola recipe could be recovered through Near(Aurora) Blockchain technology and Arweave's decentralized storage if private keys and seed phrase are lost or are only known to someone who has died.

What it does

Heritage is a Decentralized Estate planning platform for back up, recovery and inheritance of web 3 assets powered by Near(Aurora) and Arweave network.

How we built it

Our initial smart Contract is a fork of Sarcophagus, extended to support Asset based Vaults and our new use cases.

We used Angular (TypeScript) for the front end, Solidity for the backend, Arweave for data storage and our DAPP uses the deployed contracts on Near.

How it Works and Test Instructions

You will need 3 separate Near(Aurora) accounts to test Vault Owner/Creator Signatory Beneficiary You will have to send us the account addresses to help you fund it with test HeritageTokens(You may reach out to Yinka @xcelsis02 or

Click on "Create Vault" to create a Vault(only Custodial vaults work currently). Ensure you select a Signatory that you have access to their wallet. (You will be redirected to the vault page, please wait there for a while.)

After The Vault is Created, Switch your Near(Aurora) wallet to that of a "Signatory" . Refresh the page and Release the assets (make sure the 'Expiration time" has been reached before you do so)

Switch your NEAR wallet to the beneficiary's address and claim your Assets (You can only claim Near Coin for now) *Later, you will be able to claims USD, USDT, ETH, BSC, Tron etc

Challenges we ran into

Deployment of our smart contracts to NEAR.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our DAPP now works on NEAR(Aurora)

What's next for Heritage

  1. Integration of SDK that can let you deposit stable coins like USDT or USDC from various chains into Heritage vaults

2.Backup and Recovery Vault for Electronic Medical Reports, Certificates and other.


Thrifts Contribution and Collection. Emergency notification in times of distress.

Will and Trust. Secure recovery of lost password, seed phrases, cryptos and important documents.

Ticket Distribution.

Built With

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