Health and sex ed classes are frequently parodied in modern media. Every woman either has or knows someone with a ridiculous story of a misconception about the female body during adolescence. With the spread of the internet, young girls are turning to the web and social media to ask their most pressing- yet often basic- questions. However, the internet is tricky to navigate, and often leads to wrong answers that can not only be scary but dangerous. This issue is particularly important in lower income communities, where girls are more likely to attend public school with inadequate health education. HerHealth is meant to be a basic, easy-to-use, and accessible tool to answer questions like “Why is my vagina bleeding?”

What it does

HerHealth is a fun app dedicated to reducing stigma and false narratives about young women’s bodies. Created primarily for adolescents ages 11-18, it is meant to include basic information about periods, common infections and diseases, and normal bodily functions. Its main features include information about periods, a period cycle tracker, a simple but innovative diagnosis tool, and links to other reliable resources.

How I built it

We used java for back end and using to demo UI

What's next for HerHealth

Developing the UI and linking it to the back end, finishing the algorithm, and partnering with experts in the female adolescent health field to ensure accurate and clear information

Built With

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