HereSay uses the Wayin analytics tool to identify trending topics for your destination in order to provide locally-relevant audio stories via the Public Media Platform API. Simultaneously, it uses the Wayin API to surface conversations about your destination happening on Twitter in real time.

We came to #RJIhacks motivated to code to the PMP. We were frustrated by in-flight entertainment systems that fail entirely to provide passengers with destination-relevant content -- what a huge opportunity that airlines ALL miss. But what about people traveling by other means, on the ground? Travelers all need to learn about where they're going.

Our customer is the traveling public. Business travelers, tourists, families, people moving to new cities, kids on college break going somewhere new. Everyone who wants to be smarter when they get where they’re going. Companies local to the destination can underwrite in-app within the Twitter feed.

We are proud of the use of two APIs interacting to create new functionality, and that we created a useful app responsive to a real need that does its job with just two screens. We jumped out of our chairs when our developer, Georgi Angelov, texted us to say he, at the 11th hour, got the app to pull content from the PMP directly right before boarding his flight.

Where could this go from here?

  • In-app donation

  • Social shares from within app

  • Custom change tags you are interested in

  • Integrate other social platforms into trending keyword detection, waterfall display

  • As more content is ingested by the PMP, more content with more keywords for more locations becomes available.

  • Display photos, video, text content.

  • Deal with airline/tour operator/hotel chain/AirBnB

  • Geotagging

  • Selling data back to pubmedia organizations that reveal how pubmedia content performs against social keyword trending

HereSay is for people who are going places.

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