Mental health is much more important than physical health always, When i started thinking of a idea for topic social good i came across many but one thing that i believed and was fascinated by was helping or changing individual's situation and by making it better sure the whole society will be filled in with goodness. As there is a proved "A small drop of water can make up a mighty ocean".

What it does

The Alexa skill takes in answers for five questions from the user and checks for the user's mental health by analyzing the answers and informs them whether they need to take medication for their mental health or not.

How I built it

The skill was made with javascript in amazon developer console making it compatible to answer whatever the user speaks.

Challenges I ran into

Skill-building was comparatively much easier compared to the ideation phase I went through. Apart from that result calculation part and Utterance conflicts in the Alexa developer console seemed to a little heck of problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am so happy to make this skill which will bring goodness to society and individuals by helping with their mental health and making it easier for them as voice-based rather than pen and paper.

What's next for Here-For-You

The skill will be made enabled to have different types of mental test for different mental problems like a stress test, dementia test, etc. We will also improve to give mental cure related advice. 
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