23.3% of citizens in Philadelphia, PA live in poverty. Every day, many of us are lucky to take hot showers, have access to many brands of soap, and have multitudes of hand sanitizer during a global pandemic.

Prompt #4, Here 4 Hygiene's mission is to tackle the issue of limited hygiene for people living in poverty.

What is my project?

I built a design for a potential website for Here 4 Hygiene (H4H). This was my first time fully designing an idea and fully implementing all design aspects onto a digital program. I used this Hackathon to learn about web design!

How I built it

I built my wireframe using Figma, and I used Canva for all of my graphics and other designs.

Challenges I ran into

Honestly, designing took me a full week. I did a lot of research into design and front-end tutorials. By the time I had a complete prototype, I did not have time to code it as I'd initially wanted too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I was able to learn two new programs in just a week, and that I was able to really appreciate the design process.

What I learned

I learned that business and design is just as important as development! As I am young, it's important to learn new things. I am confident that I will use my new design skills for future projects!

What's next for Here 4 Hygiene

Though the Hackathon has come to an end, I have already started coding the website using my design as a reference. I am hoping to continue learning the full process of web development from idea to design to development to end product.

Built With

  • canva
  • figma
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