Our team consists of a group of undergraduate students who all have a passion for sports and exercise. We wanted to build an app that could track workouts, with information about reps and sets for each movement, to use when going to the gym.

What it does

Hercules allows users to build workout regimes from over 400 different exercises in a database. Our algorithm cycles the user's light and heavy days to have a mix of muscular strength versus muscular endurance training.

How I built it

We developed the app by first building up a database of exercises and associating them with the affected muscle group. After we completed this, we began to develop a mobile app using react-native.

Challenges I ran into

Overcoming a knowledge gap in certain programming languages between members. Trying to figure out how to best divide tasks when everyone has different levels of knowledge and capability in javascript and react. Another trouble was building a database since it was difficult to find a reliable place to find workout information.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Creating a successful web-scraper in python to help collect workout information.
  • Having the app successfully render on our phones.
  • Being able to come together as a team even though we are not physically with each other!

What I learned

  • How to develop a mobile app
  • Working with calls to databases
  • Experimenting with OAuth2 while using the Spotify API

What's next for Hercules

  • Workout histories
  • Tracking weight used
  • Image gallery
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