Over 3 million women in the U.S. can't afford healthcare because they lack health insurance or fall under an insurance coverage gap.

What it does

HerCare is a website that allows women with low income to find free services for women's healthcare, including clinics and events.

How I built it

On the front end, we used a combination of React, jQuery, Google API, Yelp API, and SFGov's OpenData to ensure the website display the information in real time. At the back end, Node-Red is used which is a visual wiring tool based on node.js. As an appendix, a submitted appointment is registered into kintone via AWS.

Challenges I ran into

API, tech coding

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We present you an Alexa Skill that helps you find the nearest clinics that provide free service for you.

What I learned

How to work rapidly with a developer team

What's next for HerCare

Working with more databases and event organizers to add more to free services database.

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