Help fishing companies to optimize, their capture strategies, at the same time that the environment gets protected.

What it does

A dynamic fishing forecasting system, that leverages the power of a hype tech stack as the ESA API, Blockchain, IoT and the Cloud. It builds fishing patterns depending of the specific conditions of the water, as increment/decrement of temperature, salinity, oxigen, phytoplanton and ice density. This way, a company knows exactly how the kind of fish they are interested in, are moving and behaving.

How I built it

I used the ESA API. I have used public ESA data from the Arctic and the Baltic Sea, and using Javascript, I have hacked the ESA API, selecting overlaping layers as the quantity of Phytoplacton in the water, over a european map. This is a basic, prototype, in a real application, Blockchain, IoT(sensors connected to the ESA API) and the Cloud servers would be added.

Challenges I ran into

ESA Challenge & IoT Challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Tecnically, the app HERASPACE works properly using real data, and I have devepoled it from scratch. Business model simple, and competitive. The idea solve real problems, using a mix of hype tech stack.

What I learned

I have hand on experience with the ESA API, different satellite missions as Sentinel which are very helpfull for my business idea.

What's next for HeraSpace

Take to the next level, mature the idea from a technical and business point of view. Creating a proper pilot project and test it in a real scenario.

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