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It is exactly six years since the world embraced the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Unfortunately there are still many problems and the challenges are big and difficult. During the WyoHackathon 2021 we use the power of the blockchain infrastructure in combination with the stable coin USDAO to focus on SDG 3 and 5 for women in Africa.

HIV is the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age (15–44 years old). Almost 86% of the estimated 160 000 children newly infected with HIV in 2018 were in the WHO African Region. Problems are the barriers to get access to care and treatment at the right time and location. Money is needed to make this possible, but the process of donations is mostly not transparent and difficult.

What it does

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HeraCoin: One solution - two goals. (1) with the Hera Protocol, the donation process will be transparent and easy for donors. By using the power of the blockchain infrastructure in combination with the stable coin USDAO, everybody can send transfer money from their own wallet, like Kraken, to the HeraCoin platform. This makes it for donors insightful how the money is spent. The money will go directly to the NGOs, so they can invest (2) Women get free access to treatment, to protect themselves against HIV

Verification An account will create: to make the identification secure and to protect the user, an identification number will be send to the phone number. In combination with a password, an account will create

Create order The user can make an order easy. The user selects the right items that are available. To pick-up the order, a location and time can scheduled. For the order a QR will be generated

Scan QR code To pick-up the order, the user goes to the selected vending machine, shows the QR code and takes the order

Donation The donor connects his bank / wallet, gives the amount and send the donation

Stories To engage the donors, stories will be published so they can see what the impact of the donation has

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