We planned to create something for the safety of women, not only on the streets but also at home. With domestic violence on a rising high and the absence of an app to fight against it, we decided to bring it into motion.

What it does

The app we have created is disguised as a women healthcare app at first sight. It consists of Skincare, haircare, healthcare and such. The side bar consists of other such options along with the privacy policy, terms and conditions and other such features. For those who are aware of it by the say of word, the header of the privacy policy page acts as a button to take us to the main interface of our app. Here registration can be done taking various details such as the name of the user, mobile number and the aadhar card number protected by a password to avoid misuse of the platform. Once registered, the user only has to log in for further use of the actual app. The main section of the app consists of a survey, a diary and a widget option. The survey contains questions from the WHO, which have been used as a scale to measure the severity of domestic violence taking place in the household. The diary option can be used to note down events of domestic violence, photo, video or audio proofs of the same. On selecting the 'Report' option, the contents of the diary are encapsulated and sent to the women cell/nearest police station in the form of an email along with their personal details which have been obtained at the time of registration. The widget option can be used in dire situations. With easy accessibility on the home screen, a touch of the button sends an alert to the nearest police station along with the current location.

How I built it

We used Android studio for the app development. Using xml for the front end and java for the main coding. We used a real time database: firebase for our database management.

Challenges I ran into

We were not aware of what API levels we should be using since each device used a different level. We also had troubles determining the gradle version for the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to complete an app within 10 days of our exams. Learning app development from the base, the three of us managed to put together a complete working app.

What I learned

We learned to create an app from scratch, putting our theoretical subjects to practical use.

What's next for Hera

This can be further developed once the app is ready to be officially published by linking it with Google Assistant or Siri for a voice recognition feature. Hence in a situation where one is unable to reach for their phone, a simple voice command of 'Hera' will be enough to trigger the same process.

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