From the book, “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg, we discovered females have a lower chance of obtaining a mentorship within the technology industry. Even in our own past experiences with asking for career advice, it was challenging to find a female mentor to guide us in the right direction. By brainstorming, our team came with the solution of creating a female and gender minority mentorship for college students and graduates. This was a guide for them to learn more about a female’s perspective in the technology industry.

What it does

HER START provides career-growth opportunities to women and gender minorities in the technology industry by connecting mentees with mentors in their prospective careers and industry provided in the registration form from the website.

How we built it

We used a website template from HTML5 UP, containing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. From the template, we customized and implemented various codes such as creating buttons, hyperlinks and changed design layouts. We used a software platform called to implement and edit our code stored in a Git Repository.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we kept having were software issues with We had decided to use this platform so that we can collaboratively code both individually and collectively for our needs. An example of a repeated issue we had faced was when code would automatically erase itself, therefore repeating similar steps of re-coding, redesigning and properly coordinating changes being unfamiliar with and GitHub. In addition, not all of our team members were familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, nor the tools provided (outside of a school environment) such as Devpost in our hackathon. We continue to have some issues with's changes being committed to the linked GitHub account. We have attached the files as a zip folder in the Additional Info tab. Due to time constraint, we didn't have the chance to incorporate some APIs into the Resource tab and to utilize some of the cool products sponsoring the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to pull together to create our template, learned to code new languages, and provide content while emphasizing our application’s mission statement. Our design is visually appealing and provides an important resource for female empowerment in the tech industry.

What we learned

Brainstorming ideas and wireframing the application before design production allows elements and concepts to flow properly. Realizing each member’s skill set and how best to contribute also ensures a smoother collaboration. Finally, delegating tasks so each member has the opportunity to both learn to code and also explore new skills makes it a fun and challenging project.

What's next for HER START

We would like to expand social and professional opportunities through our mentorship experience for female and gender-minority college students/graduates. By creating this platform we can providing a voice for females in the male-dominant tech industry.

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