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Lack of information about the new market and limited knowledge from both buyers and MSMEs: This problem indicates that buyers and MSMEs may not have access to comprehensive information about new markets. This lack of knowledge can create challenges in identifying potential opportunities, understanding market dynamics, and making informed decisions. Solving this problem requires providing buyers and MSMEs with access to relevant market information, market research, and educational resources to enhance their understanding of market trends, consumer behavior, and industry best practices.

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Problem Statement:

Information scarcity plagues both buyers and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), particularly when venturing into new markets. This challenge obstructs potential opportunities and hampers informed decision-making. Our solution offers targeted market information, comprehensive market research, and educational resources to buyers and MSMEs. This empowers them to understand market trends, consumer behavior, and industry best practices better, consequently allowing for more strategic and effective decisions.

Introducing the Heon App

The Heon App is a pioneering matchmaking chat tool designed to facilitate meaningful connections between buyers and sellers, particularly MSMEs. By simply chatting and stating what you're looking for, you can find a buyer or seller that matches your needs.

Key Features:

Matchmaking is our forte. Buyers seeking to connect with MSMEs will find our intelligent matchmaking technology invaluable. By utilizing Language Learning Models (LLMs) and integrating them with our curated dataset, we analyze user input and generate output based on their unique requirements.

Target Audience

The Heon App is not exclusive to any particular audience. Whether you're a buyer or seller (MSME), this app will help you find the right partners that suit your requirements.

How it works

Users can specify certain criteria while searching for sellers (MSMEs) such as their location, products offered, delivery capabilities, and credit loan records, for example:

  • Sellers located in Jakarta
  • Sellers offering X products
  • Sellers capable of delivering Y products per day
  • Sellers with a good credit loan record

To find these sellers, users simply need to engage in a chat on our app. The app takes the user's input, processes it using our proprietary tools, and connects our LLMs to the relevant data sources based on the user's specifications. The output is a tailored list of seller profiles and detailed information.

Technological Stack:

We have utilized the latest technological stack to build the Heon App.

  • Our frontend is built on React.js, a widely acclaimed JavaScript framework,
  • while Express.js, another popular backend framework, powers our backend.
  • Amazon Web Service Cloud facilitates EC2 as our VPS and Postgres RDS as our database engine.
  • Last but not least, The heartbeat of our app is the matchmaking engine which is:
  • OpenAI API, one of most popular LLMs nowadays
  • Langchain tools, a framework application by connecting any LLMs into our own source of data our own source data means we can connect custom dataset we want and connect it to desired LLMs

Try it Out

Experience the Heon App firsthand by accessing this link Please note that the output may not be precisely what you expect, as we require the actual dataset of MSMEs and Buyers. Our current dataset covers MSMEs from the USA, India, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, and Australia. That is why we need to expand and enriching our dataset especially for APEC countries.

The Road Ahead:

In the future, we plan to expand our app's features to include custom dataset inputs, direct connections to MSMEs e-commerce platforms (Tokopedia, Bukalapak, for example) for product purchases, shipment tracking, payment options, etc. We aim to broaden and enrich our existing dataset with actual data from the APEC countries.

The Heon App aims to address one of the most challenging aspects of international trade – the knowledge gap between buyers and sellers. By connecting them effectively, we believe our solution can boost international trade participation and tapping the new world for both buyers and sellers.

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