We think that cities work much better when everybody is contributing to the common wealth. The Hemis Bot is a easy-to-use web app that integrates different chatbots and allows its users to help each other in very diverse aspects of their daily lifes.

What it does

We have implemented four different chatbots with different functions:

  • Warn users about possible emergencies around them.
  • Find the nearest charging station for your electric car.
  • Stablish a communication between people that would like to exchange a book of their choice
  • Help tourists that have just arrived to Barcelona giving them the very basic information.

How we built it

The bots were mainly built with python and sqlite, while the web-app was done with html and css.

Challenges we ran into

We had to find an effective way of accessing the user location and transfering its data to the chatbot database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Without a very wide knowledge of the languages we were working with, we could build the whole structure of the program and run it successfully.

What we learned

We learned to make a chatbot and to program its interaction with the users

What's next for Hemis Bot

We'll see if we can add more functions through different chabots

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