it is inspired by a cool speach interfaces, like Jarvice for example

What it does

It just turn light as you ask it to turn and change the color when you ask to.

How we built it

I'm a Simple Man, I just hack the api, recount color system from rgb to xy and backward, use open source libraries for OFFLINE speach recognition, build my own language models, design wondefull GUI and pack it all in complete apk, it was easy and enjoyable.

Challenges I ran into

Main challenge was that our workplace was at the first floar, but lights at the second and we should run from one place to other in debug process. To solve it i just placeour own streaming service to see lights from my workplace

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I set up new nosleep record.

What I learned

In case of fier alarm first save your code, and only second - your life.

What's next for Helvar LIGHT

Today I can control light with voice, tomorow control coffemachine, aftertomorow control all the world!!!

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