We love the new city bikes! However, there are some challenges that we wanted to address:

  • bike stands are often full so you need to divert to another one
  • the current bike screen is very small, shows very limited information and it's not on all the time
  • it's not easy to plan routes on the go with the current solutions, where you need to type addresses

Helsify is a concept for a dashboard that can be used in a mobile device that is mounted to the bike. The idea is to see at a glance where there are available bikes and bike stands, while planning optimal routes at the same time. It has two modes:

  • Walking mode. In the default mode, the bike stands with bikes available are shown in green. It helps us to find a suitable bike.

  • Riding mode. Once in the bike, we press the "Ride" button and a counter starts. In this way, we can have information about the time elapsed so that we don't have to pay extra fees for using the bike. We can use it directly like this and we will have live information on available bike stands. However, to make the most out of it we can just tap the location where we are heading. The route will be shown, as well as the corresponding bike stand. If the stand becomes full at any point during our ride, we will be redirected to the next available one.

While we aim to have a very clean dashboard with just the necessary elements, the service contains more features that can be accessed after our ride. That is, statistics about our ride, achievements and gamification elements as well as sharing options.

A simplified version of Helsify will be made available for smartwatches, where we will have the main functionality of finding available bikes or bike stands.

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