We wanted to make a solution to help people who might need assistance and can't move to go to the groceries.

What it does

People can log in to a cross-platform app (Android, iOS, web) in order to seek or offer help, make their own groceries and/or medication list, and accept offers nearby, ranked by distance.

How we built it

We built it using Flutter, Dart and Firebase (all of them need to be installed in order to run the app)

Challenges we ran into

Synchronize everything we did and make different technologies work together was a pretty hard challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The visual UI is starting to look good :)

What we learned

Mainly the architecture of such an app and how to use Flutter and Dart

What's next for HelpYourNeighbors ?

Finish with completing a few more objectives:

  • The web interface is not included for now, but it will soon be
  • A FaceID and TouchID feature is planned as well
  • Geolocation, to know more precisely how far you are from the people
  • A notation systems to reward people for whom it went well
  • More languages (only french is available at the moment)
  • A search option that we started to implement, which should be able to add articles to the list by searching for them
  • Enable the user to add its own articles and embed them into its order
  • Sort order by the amount they cost, so that that users can asses whether they have enough money to buy every article on it
  • An integrated messaging platform in order to allow people to directly contact each other within the application

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