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  • Making IT Good For Society
  • Supporting The Fight Against COVID-19
  • Helping Your Local Community
  • Supporting Personal Mental Health


HelpTheMidlands is a web application designed to allow people to volunteer in their local communities by picking up shopping for those currently isolating due to coronavirus, or those who are older and may find it difficult to go to the shops.

This app has been designed with simplicity in mind, as we find that many online stores make it confusing for the elderly to place an order then setup a delivery slot.

Volunteers respond to requests made by supportees (vulnerable people) for food or other shopping.


You can register as a volunteer or a supportee using your name, an email address and a password.

Once logged in, the supportee makes a request (shopping list) for each item of shopping they need, with a note of their budget and their preferred store. (Could be the local corner shop as opposed to be a chain).

A request is then sent out to nearby volunteers, who can then accept it and buy the shopping, delivering it to the vulnerable person.


Multiple members of our team have been in isolation and have had difficulties receiving groceries, so we decided we should make a platform which enables volunteers who have maybe recently lost their jobs due to the current endemic to help give back to their local community.

What we learned

We learnt that you can do everything the night before if you have enough coffee. We found working online a lot more difficult in person, and it was a shame that we couldn't do the event in person. We learnt that we don't know how to record a video. We learnt how to use a new web framework (Spark Java + Thymeleaf) Alcohol is good for the creative process! Coffee is life

How we built our project

With great difficulty We built our project on Spark-Java and Thymeleaf, using Maven for dependency management and Git for version control and continuous integration. (And a bit of help from Lombok)

The challenges we faced

Recording the video Finalising the video Uploading the video Communication through online to be able to organise a project

Built With

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