Some local non-profit organizations have their own well-designed websites, but some don’t due to limitations on resources. If one wants to contribute to the local community, he/she might need to spend a lot of time searching for volunteering opportunities. Why don’t we simplify the communication process between organizations and individuals to avoid extra hours spent on searching or promoting? This is the inspiration to create this platform, Helps, to speedily and directly connect volunteers with local non-profit organizations. On Helps, local non-profit organizations in Rochester can post their upcoming events, while volunteers can easily sign up and schedule their volunteering times based on their availabilities.

What it does

Non-profit organizations in the Rochester area would be able to post upcoming events for volunteers.

How I built it

We used the Flask Python Starter Kit found at to get started with a base for the website. We then modified the existing code (HTML, CSS, Python) and added our own as we saw fit.

Challenges I ran into

None of us were very well versed in developing with Flask to start so it was a learning curve for sure! We had some trouble initially getting the starter kit itself to work on everyone's computer (this took a pretty big chunk of time, unfortunately), but after that adding post functionality for logged-in users was our other main challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're all proud of the fact that we were able to create an albeit not perfect but functioning website! It's a good start and we now are all a little bit more familiar with how to develop websites for the future.

What I learned

  • Become well-versed in using git
  • Learned more in depth about how the different elements of a website interact with each other (using databases in particular)

What's next for Helps

We didn't get the chance to make our domain or host the site outside of our local machines yet. Obviously if we want to reach our intended users this would be the next step!

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