Increased risk of mental health illness due to quarantine is evident and social distancing creates loneliness which is linked to depression and anxiety. Which is why… We believe it is possible to provide accessible self-care challenges and interventions in every household.

What it does

Helpo is a wellness platform merging creative content with mindfulness and challenge-based interventions to tackle mental health. We are making therapy more fun, inclusive and less clinical.

How I built it

React Framework, Typescript, Git and Firebase

Challenges I ran into

Building react framework with the backend data was difficult ad

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our social challenges have helped people over lockdown to help them with their daily motivation, and we have raised awareness for different mental health causes and social impact.

What I learned

Connection through action, based on community, kindness and mutual support to propel one another to reach our goals and challenges.

What's next for Helpo

We are targeting a younger audience who may not resonate with traditional forms of mindfulness like meditation, and trying to make mindfulness more socially inclusive, and engaging for a wider audience through creative content and community engagement.

We’re committed to helping the people across the world through this pandemic by breaking down barriers of isolation and embracing connection through peer to peer support.

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