We saw that the LinkNYC by the city is very bland and lack with application. We also saw in our communities teens are feared and look of as unhelpful so we decided to tackle both problems with the same solution.

What it does

HelpNYC is an initiative/startup/app to add more applications for the LinkNYC kiosks that will help the community. We created two apps to demo for the cause. The first Foster is an app that allows communities to vote on lease-able stores/building to decide which small business they want placed there. This helps small businesses and guarantees customers because the community vouched for it in a win win situation. The second app we are demoing is Sanctuary which is a app that allows homeless people find shelters nearby and RSVP for a bed for the night if they can't make the line in time. The request will be sent to the shelter and they can get a bed for the night making their lives easier and efficient rather than going to the chaos in the line.

How we built it

For Foster this our first time really working with back-end work so it isn't 100% but it works. We used most Javascript ,npm packages, and frameworks. so two people can interact on the site @ the same time. Node.js was used for most if not all server-side code. We also used React.js alongside with the npm packages. Most importantly we used love and positivity to bring it all together.

For Sanctuary we used javascript, Jquery, sass, & css to create a form page that is UX friendly

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we faced was coming up with the idea and ways we can incorporate breaking the bias of teens being unhelpful in communities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We learned the basics of back-end development and new concepts of advanced JavaScript. Also we learned more about the innovative aspects of New York City attempting to be the new silicon valley.

What's next for HelpNYC

The next step for HelpNYC would be to pitch it to the City and congregate the support of the people and take it to the next level by making it an reality!

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