Many of my friends and people that I randomly meet ask several questions.

  1. Where do I go to learn to code?
  2. What language should I learn?
  3. How do I learn the language?

The common factor is many people want to learn how to code, they just do not know where to begin. Instead of me going on and on answering all of these questions, I have created a website that provides all of this information. It does not just have where to go and learn to code, but it also offers suggestions based on interests. For example, if the person I am speaking with says that they want to learn web development, then the webpage suggests that they learn html, css, and possibly javascript. If there is a more seasoned programmer looking for challenges, or wanting to earn some extra income, then they can go to the practice section where they will learn that sites such as Top Coder, Kaggle and Code Forces offer cash prizes for the completion of certain challenges. This also goes for the beginner. When they would like to practice, they can go to those same sites and submit challenges, or visit Project Euler for simple tasks. I wanted this website to be a one stop shop for people to be as much information as they can about coding and technology and start coding as soon as possible.

Also, at the hackathon, the more I talked about what I was doing, the more people started asking me when it would be available. I took down a few emails, and will be emailing this website to those who ask and giving out to people who ask me all of those questions above. I am really happy about this because I believe that in order to do something, after making the decision to do it, you must know where to go and find the answers you are looking for.

How it works

You can go onto the site. Currently it is on github, at the following url...

Then you read the about section, and then you are able to navigate throughout the website. You can either navigate by scrolling down and viewing all of the sections, or you can navigate through usage of the navigation bar.

Challenges I ran into

Integration of the git hub repository. Decisions on design of the webpage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am extremely proud of the fact that I was able to learn so much and complete phase 1 of this project.

What I learned

I really learned a lot. I learned about flask, more css functionalities, including the Foundations responsive repository. I learned about vagrant and using the github api.

What's next for HelpMeLearn.Software

Further developing the site and adding more functionality. I would like to add a database to the "What to Learn" section so that I can create a search bar and allow the results to cater more to the user. For example, if the user enters that she is a beginner programmer and wants to do android development, it will recommend both the language, online course, and environment setup instructions. I will also be integrating the github api into the site because it is very important for people to start working on open sourced software, especially if they would like to get jobs at tech companies, or start their own company. Also, as soon as I get enough money, I will be purchasing the domain name HelpMeLearn.Software This domain name is still available, and I hope it remains that way!!! Fingers crossed!

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