HelpMeApp is an Android application to help people in emergency situations.

How does it work?

When an user needs help because an emergency has occurred, he just needs to open the app and input the type of emergency that he has. This will alert nearby people about the situation so they can help however they can.


A disabled person wants to cross the street but there's no ramp to do so and the traffic is very dense. He just opens he application, inputs the information about the problem and soon after a kind person that has seen the notification comes in his help. But this is just an example, the application can alert nearby people about fires, car accidents, etc.

Useful data

The application also gathers data about the location of the most important or common problems in a single place to let the government know that there needs to be an improvement in those places.

How to try the application

Just download the repository, open the app folder with Android Studio and run it with an Android Virtual Device or real phone connected through USB.

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